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Also, customization of this UPS is possible to handle ‘in-rush’ current that can drive various motor loads such as Elevators (Lift), Water Pumps, Fire pumps etc. Sujata DSP ALBS is complete solutions for the most critical applications which require power backup in day to day operations.

Product Range 4 KVA /72 VDC 15 KVA 180 VDC
5 KVA / 72 VDC 15 KVA 240 VDC
5 KVA /96 VDC 15 KVA 360 VDC
6 KVA / 72VDC 20 KVA 240 VDC
6 KVA /180 VDC 20 KVA 360 VDC
8 KVA /180 VDC 25 KVA 360 VDC
10 KVA /180 VDC 30 KVA 360 VDC
12KVA / 240VDC 40 KVA 360 VDC
15KVA / 360VDC 52-100 KVA 360 VDC

Salient Features*

  1. State of art MOSFET/IGBT based PEM technology to increase Crest Factor Tolerance & Dynamic Stability
  2. Auto Sense Intelligent Control Smart Charger
  3. High performance voltage and current regulation with DSP control
  4. Electronic change over, hence better reliability
  5. Surge load capacity up to 300%
  6. Quiet operation of AC motors as well as the other Inductive loads unlike that with modified Sinewave Inverters
  7. Very Low Total Harmonic Distortion <3%
  8. Wide input voltage range
  9. All necessary Protection like Short Circuit, Over Temp., Battery Low/High, Mains MCB Tripped etc. with Comprehensive display


  1. For providing reliable power back-up for Lift/ Elevators
  2. As a major power supply source for water Pumps, Fire pumps & other 3Phase critical motorized equipment
  3. Petrol/Diesel Dispensing (Filling) Machines
  4. Tread Mills & other Health Equipment in Homes/Gyms
  5. Major Power Back Up source in Corporate Offices as well as Call Centers
  6. Computers & peripherals / Office Equipment like, Scanners, Printers, Fax Machines etc.
  7. Emergency & Mobile Power Systems
  8. Air Conditioners and all compressor Based applications Like Water Cooler, Bottle Coolers, Ice Cream Parlors etc.